Fire Insurance

Fire insurance is a type of property insurance that covers loss or damage caused to your office buildings, home or any other site/place where you run your business. Purchasing this insurance policy helps to cover the repair cost, replacement cost or reconstruction of property as per the sum insured amount specified in the policy.

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Inclusions Under Fire Insurance in India

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Why is Fire Insurance important?

Let us understand the fire insurance meaning and why is it a wise choice. Here are some of the features of fire insurance that indicate why you should purchase it.

  • 1. Protection against any loss or damage caused due to any movable or immovable object that turns into a fiery explosion.

  • 2. A fire policy covers property damage such as furnishings, office building, machinery, stock, etc. due to a fire accident.

  • 3. Besides, fire perils, a burglary insurance policy also provides coverage for the damages caused due to any natural calamity, explosion, bursting of the water tank, etc.

Types of Fire Insurance in India

1. Standard Fire & Special Perils

This is a type of fire insurance contract between the insurer and insured that provides coverage for the loss or damage caused to the building, plan & machinery, stock and other assets for a sum insured exceeding Rs 50 Crores.

There are 5 types of policies specifically under Standard Fire & Special Perils insurance (SFSP).

    Specific Policy: A specified sum insured is determined for a particular property and in case of loss the actual loss does not exceed the chosen insured amount.

    Comprehensive Policy:This policy provides extensive coverage not only against fire related perils but also provides coverage against any other perils, such as robbery, burglary, civil rampage, etc.

    Valued Policy:At the intimation of the policy, the value of a particular property is determined. Instead of the current market value, the indemnity of the policy is determined which is based on the value of the property. So, the agreed value at the time of purchase is the deciding factor of policy indemnity here.

    Floating Policy:If you deal with fluctuating stocks in different areas. This policy provides coverage for one or more goods at the same time under one premium and one sum assured.

    Valuable Policy:The claim amount is decided according to the current market price of the damaged property.

2. Bharat Sookshma Udyam Suraksha

This policy provides coverage for the loss or damage caused to the building, property, plant & machinery, stocks and other assets for a sum insured up to Rs. 5 Crores.

3. Bharat Laghu Udyam Suraksha

This policy provides coverage for the damage or destruction caused to the building, plant & machinery, stocks and other assets for a sum insured between Rs 5 Crores and Rs 50 Crores