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Terms and Conditions:

The services of Search Now (searchnow.in) can be used only if the users agree with the terms and Condition as mentioned here. No acceptance, disagreement, or any kind of objection in the terms and condition leads to the discontinuation of the services provided by searchnow.in.


1. Acceptance of Agreement and Policies

a) You can give your approval by clicking on to the button of Agree under the end of Terms and Conditions. In case of our disapproval or rejection of the privacy policy, the agreement would be discontinued without any prior information.

b) Once you agree with the Terms and Conditions, The Services will be rendered by the searchnow.in


2. Terms of the Services

Since  Search Now (searchnow.in) is in its initial stage of development and will improve its services by time to time for the betterment of users. So, It is expected to have some changes in the Terms and Conditions that may vary time to time. These changes will be served to the users without having prior notice. We ensure that the developments will be in favor of users’ benefits to help their services in better form. Search Now (searchnow.in) will facilitate users by ensuring the quality and on time delivery commitment. As far as terms of services are concerned, any change in the terms and conditions – the users have to abide by the rules of searchnow.in

Users should not :

a) Do any unlawful activities that may infiltrate the privacy and other information of any other user by any means

b) Get involved in any activities that breach the rules and laws of Cyber Act of India

c) Try to hamper or reroute the services provided by searchnow.in

d) Make or modify the services in such a way that others feel uncomfortable in using the services of others

e) Try to sell the services of Searchnow.in or redistribute the ideas in other form


3. Account and Security Issues

In order to access services of  Search Now (searchnow.in), users need to create account and will have to supply all relevant personal information include Name, Identity proof, Address, and permanent contact numbers. Users are advised to provide all information related to his/her status that should be authentic and true to his/her best knowledge. Searchnow.in will have the rights to access all the information provided by users to promote his/her business only. That information will be used to advertisements and other related business issues by the searchnow.in only. Search Now (searchnow.in) will not share or sell personal information of the users. It is solely responsibility of the users to maintain the privacy of username and passwords. Once username and password is issued by the Search Now (searchnow.in) to the users, it becomes the responsibility of users to maintain the same. The facility is provided to regenerate password if users forget it, and password will be sent to the registered e-mail id. It is advised to register correct e-mail id at the time of registration with searchnow.in.


4. Data Related information

Search Now (searchnow.in) will not owe any responsibility of the genuineness of the data provided by the users. Searchnow.in doesn’t hold responsibility of its correctness, authenticity, quality, completeness and any other issues relate to plagiarism that include any means that comes under intellectual property right of India. Users are responsible and accountable for the use of services provided by him/her in the legal issues. Search Now (searchnow.in) is a search engine where anyone can get registered provided his/her legal status should be clear according to the constitution and acts related to IT sector.


5. Limitations of Loss or Damages

Search Now (searchnow.in) in any means shall not be liable for any loss that means foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise. Search Now (searchnow.in) will not be responsible to the users’ loss of data in his/her computer system from the contents downloaded from the sites of linked to the searchnow.in. In no event will searchnow.in, its associates, employee and anyone who is associated with the services of searchnow.in as team to provide services to the users be liable to any party, directly or indirectly.


6. Indemnification

The users shall indemnify and hold harmless the searchnow.in and the its officers, associates, employees, and all related workers with searchnow.in and their agents and business partners from and against claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, action, suits, or proceeding fees, that are due to, or that arise from the use or misuse of the site of searchnow.in. Search Now (searchnow.in) reserves all rights and powers that any subject to indemnification by the users and users will agree to cooperate with Search Now (searchnow.in) in such events.


7. Terms and Conditions related to Blog Writing

We, Search Now (searchnow.in) holds all powers related to the blogs posted by users on the site to review it for the public portal. It includes the right to delete, modify the contents and re-structured the blog for the public use. Search Now (searchnow.in) reserves the rights to hide the post on blog without prior notice to the users. One statement of declaration has to sign by users or bloggers to express the authenticity, and originality of the article posted. Any plagiarism in any form (copy, duplicate content etc) will remain sole responsibility of the writers of the article. It is to be assured  by blogger that s/he will not use unethical language or not to be posted any physical link on the searchnow.in that may harm the reputation and breach the cyber law of India.


8. Rates and fees of the services

It is brought to the notice to all users of the  Search Now (searchnow.in) that the fee and rates are effective from 1st march every year. Rates may vary every year on the development and growth of the business generated by the Search Now (searchnow.in).


9. Rules regarding paid advertisements

It is to be assured by the users that they will not use any technical unethical tricks to manage paid advertisements on the site to get extra advantage in terms of flashing and showing number times the paid advertisements on the site. All users are bound to follow the rules and regulation of the  Search Now (searchnow.in) in terms of using paid advertisements, the services can be delinked or disabled at any moment, if they found guilty while investigating any complaints on the issues of paid advertisements’ activities that breach the rules of the site. The account of the users can be blocked by the searchnow.in, if such unethical activities found on the site. Once, account will be disabled, the users will not be able to access their accounts in future. Users are advised to visit frequently the site of searchnow.in on regular interval of time to check the updates about new changes in the services.


10. Privacy policy on personal Information

It is solely responsibility of the users to notify about the personal information that should be publish on public domain. You are requested to bring these issues on the contact e-mail id as soon as possible. The information may be incomplete or inadequate to publish, bring all these related issues to the notice of admin of Search Now (searchnow.in).  



Your Business Data/Information for general purposes only. Search Now (searchnow.in) makes no guarantee, no responsibility for any content including copyright, quality purposes, legaly etc. We always try to provide the accurate content/information, if you have any doubt about the content of searchnow.in, you please contact and send information to us immediately on info@ontimedeveloper.com

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