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This Search Engine has vast searching areas such as online information about Education, Media, Marketing, Business, Shopping, and other related technologies where one can search areas of its interest.


Search Now (searchnow.in) is to provide free information on each and every topic related in day to day life. It is not only a search engine but a business opportunity also where users deal with buyers and sellers. Search Now is known for its multitasking ability to connect with the people of different business areas. Search Now covers areas like Travel, Education, Restaurants, Air, Automobiles, Beauty and Spa, Fitness, Books, Computers, Personal Finance, Hobby, Home, Rental Services, Pets, Security, Shopping, Mobile Phones and all other related areas. 


This Search Engine is especially designed to cater to the needs of allage groups. Kids, Adults and Elderly people would get benefits through this portal. In this area the services offered to various cities and towns in India and abroad. One of the features of Search Now is its user-friendly icons where people can get easily their relevant information by seeing images of icons only. The most important and uniquely designed (searchnow.in) is featured by its way of login via Facebook Id that makes it different from exist search engines. People who are registered with Search Now can upload their photos and videos also.


This Search Engine fulfills the need of users in such a way that concise, precise and related data can be accessed directly. Search Now is rendering to regulate and improve its services by seeking business ideas, rating and reviews to settle more issues in the future. 24 hours support system is always to help its clientele.


Search Now will be available on top search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to promote the business of its registered users. It would help clientele to show their respective advertisements to flourish business in leaps and bounds that will be shown on screen in many ways to spread their ideas to concerned customers.

Our Recent Listings

Natrula Foods Private Limited, Karnal,

PVR Cenima, Delhi,

The Insurance Point, Delhi,

Naveen InfoTech, Mahendragarh,

Kap Industries, Delhi,

Maa Sharda Tour and Travels, Jammu,

Manav Bharti Education Mission, Delhi,

onTime Developer, Ambala City,

B. I. Scholar Education Group, Kurukshetra,

Application Development, Ambala Cantt,

Maa Shakti Medicine Store, Kurukshetra,

Dhann Power Inverter, Kurukshetra,

onTime Education Institute, Gurgaon,


Aggarwal Computers, Kurukshetra,

KIIT, Kurukshetra,

Kalpana Chawla Computech P Ltd, Kurukshetra,

Gupta Accounts & Computers, Kurukshetra,

B. I. Scholar Education & Dev. Group, Kurukshetra,

Bharat Book Depot, Kurukshetra,

Arora Book Depot, Kurukshetra,

United Enterprises, Kurukshetra,

DN Publishers & Advertisers, Kurukshetra,

Divay Media Solution, Kurukshetra,

Vishal, Karnal,

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